Best Book Jacket Bio: Stephen Fry

You know those author biographies on the inner flaps of hardback books? There’s a perfect opportunity there for something creative, and yet they’re always so dull. Thank God, then, for Stephen Fry. Here’s my favourite, from the jacket of The Ode Less Travelled:


As an actor and writer Stephen Fry has bestridden the world for a quarter of a century, sowing discord, agitation and dismay. His power grows daily and his disciples are many. However, it is written that at the Time of Leavening, a Chosen One will arise to destroy him. Until that time, Mr Fry will continue to direct, broadcast, act and write in North London and Norfolk, where his best friends are the flowers.


2 responses to “Best Book Jacket Bio: Stephen Fry

  1. Stephen Fry–the man is a genius. His memoirs are brilliant, his fiction intelligent, his acting superb…and he can direct like a sonofagun too. A true Renaissance man. God, I envy him.

  2. He’s good that Fry but I do think there could have been a better pun to use for the title:

    Ode Runner
    Ode Warrior
    King of the Ode
    …does anyone have his number?

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