Greatest Modern Comic Creations

There’s a good post on Roger Wilmut’s blog on The Secret of Comedy. I like his assessment of Friends character Phoebe:

The producers were lucky over Phoebe, who was intended just to be a ditzy blonde: Lisa Kudrow added whole new levels to the character, making her a complex mixture of intelligence and new-age stupidity – she is right up there with Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous, and Basil Fawlty, as one of the great modern comic creations. Obviously she knows the secret of comedy.

This prompted me to think: who are the great modern comic creations? I’d definitely include the three that Roger Wilmut mentions, but who else? Here are my initial, straight-off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts:

  • Homer Simpson
  • Alan Partridge
  • Edmund Blackadder
  • Dame Edna Everage
  • Derek and Clive (aka Peter Cook and Dudley Moore)

I’m bound to think of more. Please feel free to add suggestions to the comments section.


One response to “Greatest Modern Comic Creations

  1. When I first saw Teri Garr’s character in After Hours ( I was struck by the similarity between that and Pheobe…. imagine my surprise when a little while later Teri Garr was cast as Pheobe’s mother. I’ve looked long on youtube for a clip from the scene but so far I can’t find anything to corroborate this in a filmic sense – which is a brilliant chance to watch it again and I recommend it heartily. Like a pirate might.

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