James Bond movie titles

So the new Bond film is to be called Quantum of Solace. What’s with that? This is not sticking to the rules of Bond movie titles. You take a well known phrase and substitute the word ‘die’: Live and let live, becomes ‘Live and Let Die‘. Live another day becomes ‘Die Another Day’.

But they moved the goalposts by turning tomorrow never comes into ‘Tomorrow Never Dies‘. What does ‘tomorrow never dies’ mean? Whatever, it gives us a license to thrill, as we can now take any phrase, insert the word ‘die’, and not worry too much about it making sense. How about these:

  • The Camera Cannot Die
  • Dying on Borrowed Time
  • Die Like a Fish
  • Easy as Die
  • Die Off the Handle
  • Hell or Die Water
  • Die Easy, Live Hard
  • He Who Can Does, He Who Cannot Dies
  • A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Die

I’m sure Comedy Club readers can come up with more.


4 responses to “James Bond movie titles

  1. Quantum Of Solace sounds like a futuristic drink – “I’ll have two pint of lager, a Quantum of Solace and some change for the jukebox please.”

  2. This reminds me of a piece in Martin Amis’s brilliant and highly recommended biography Experience where he mentions a dinner party with some literary friends.

    At the meal he told of a recent trip to the states and being told by a porn star he had interviewed that ‘pussy was bullshit’. This led in turn to the dinner party guests replacing the word ‘pussy’ with ‘bullshit’ so there was the the owl and the bullshit cat:
    Oh bullshit, oh bullshit, oh bullshit my dear…


    “Salman Rushdie paused; his eyes widened and he said, suddenly, ‘Octobullshit.'”

  3. Easy come, easy die
    Mi casa, su die
    Good things come to those who die
    Those that can, die
    Born to die

  4. Jonathan Ross’ comment at the BAFTAS that everyone would go to see a film called Thunder Pussy deserves praise.

    Ding Dong Merrily on Die
    Live and let Die… uh, no, that’s a real one

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