Does it offend you Yeah? Offensive Comedy Clips

WARNING: some of these are quite fruity and if played in a public place, like your office or your nan’s or your mum’s they may be frowned upon.

Julian Clary’s Ad Lib

Tame by today’s standards after this nominations speech at the UK Comedy Awards Julian Clary was seen as too risque by the tele fraternity and struggled to get a regular slot.

George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words

This lively skit was central to legal ruling which allowed the US the government’s right to regulate Carlin’s act on the public airwaves.

Essentially these were classed as the unbroadcastable words which of course were perfectly acceptable in a live performance, this recording sees that the list has already evolved due to a gramatical oversight on Carlin’s part

Derek and Clive

The legend surrounding Derek and Clive was that an outtakes tape of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore generally having a laugh and swearing a lot was doing the rounds on the underground scene in the early 1970s, and was so successful the pair decided to record their sweary humour legitimately… the humour content has waned but it’s still revolutionary.

Brass Eye Pedo Special

Brass Eye got questions asked in the house and here’s a clip from the shows infamous ‘Pedo’ special featuring a pre Hollywood Simon Pegg.


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