The Best Prank Calls of All Time

OK, you know the prank calls that Bart Simpson makes to Moe’s Tavern?

Sure you do:

Well they had a real life inspiration from some young guys in the 70s who called an psychotically irate barman. The whole history is here and the following clip from a short film uses recordings of the lads and the nutter in action.

Meanwhile in the modern era we have these brilliant soundboard pranks:

Also local radio has always been a fan of the format…

It’s even better when it can prank someone famous, and stupid

And of course, right now the king of the prank call right now is Fonejacker:

Of course, prank calls can go horribly wrong as in this one where a girl calls her husband to ‘confess’ that their child isn’t really his… listen from 6.46 to hear the meltdown.

Finally Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross had their own issues over a prank call to Andrew Sachs:


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