Monty Python – The Best TV Sketches

Monty Python through their films, albums, tours and many side projects through the years these guys are rightfully lauded. Still, it’s all down to the originality and surreality of the original TV show. So here are a few choice cuts, initially the all time classics that you simply have to know and then a few of my favourites that are often overlooked.

The Classics

Four Yorkshiremen

The Argument

The Cheese Shop

The Parrot Sketch

The Spam Song

Famously this sketch is the reason why unsolicited emails are named after spiced ham in a can.

The ministry of silly walks

The spanish inquisition

Some of my favourites

The Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook

The Dirty Fork Sketch

This is the original, i’d not seen this before my YouTube trawl.

Crunchy Frog

As a wee lad I thought this was the height of comedy. I wasn’t wrong.

Camp drill

The milkman

The jealous literary father

and this is just silly…

Eric the half a bee


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