Yacht Rock – Every Episode, 1-12

Want to see how Christopher Cross, Toto, Hall and Oates, Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald and the entire smooth music family got along just to get along? Then look no further than this brilliant parody.

NB – The descriptions come from Wikipedia and contain plot spoilers

Episode 1 – What a Fool Believes

In the pilot episode, Kenny Loggins, under the guidance of Koko Goldstein, reaches out to a struggling Michael McDonald, who’s having trouble writing a smooth hit for his band the Doobie Brothers.


Episode 2 – Keep the Fire

Loggins and McDonald pair up against the duo Hall & Oates for a songwriting competition. Koko is accidentally impaled by his lucky harpoon during the ensuing melee, but is at peace before his death by hearing the smoothest song ever sung by a young Christopher Cross.


Episode 3 – I’m Alright

As everyone grieves Koko’s death, Loggins lashes out at McDonald and “smooth music” as a whole, causing a rift between the two. Sleazy entertainment executive Gene Balboa, who is producing the movie Caddyshack demands that the movie’s director, Harold Ramis, obtain Loggins’ talents to write the movie’s theme song. Ramis takes advantage of an angry and confused Loggins and gets him to write and record the hard rock song “I’m Alright” much to McDonald’s dismay.


Episode 4 – Rosanna

Steve Porcaro (Steve Agee), the keyboard player of the band Toto, is asked by his girlfriend, Rosanna Arquette, to write a song about her, and she wants him to have Michael McDonald sing on the track. Discouraged by McDonald’s disdain for his band, Porcaro devises a three-step plan to make it happen.


Episode 5 – Believe in It

Toto has been commissioned to write a smooth song for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but Jackson rejects the band, believing after working with Eddie Van Halen on Beat It that such material is in his past. Fearing that Jackson will destroy “smooth music” for a decade, Porcaro turns to McDonald, Loggins, Skunk Baxter, Cross, and Vincent Price (James Adomian), to summon up Koko’s ghost for help writing Human Nature.


Episode 6 – The Seed Drill

“Hollywood” Steve’s father demands that Steve stop wasting his time on Yacht Rock, and regales a historic tale of Jethro Tull, which is very similar to episode one.


Episode 7 – I Keep Forgettin’

McDonald and Loggins make a bet about McDonald’s new song, “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near)“, that takes a decade to resolve. Ten years later, Long Beach-based rappers Warren G and Nate Dogg struggle with creating smooth rap (yacht rap), and only when they kidnap McDonald, is there a solution to everyone’s problems.


Episode 8 – Gino (the Manager)

“Hollywood” Steve returns to the very beginning, where Doobie Brothers producer Ted Templeman explains his dream about the origin of “the smoothest rock [he’s] ever heard” to Skunk Baxter over lunch. Baxter suggests seeing Koko about it, and Templeman starts seeing his dream come into fruition as he meets a young McDonald, then a background singer for Steely Dan, being talked into joining the Doobie Brothers by Steely Dan and Koko, Loggins showing signs of his imminent break from Messina and solo stardom, and an effeminate Hall and Oates with a very familiar looking manager named Gino, who tries to bully McDonald and Loggins into employing him as a manager. When they refuse, he plots revenge.


Episode 9 – Runnin’ with the Devil

Van Halen puts a curse on Ted Templeman to force him to produce their hard rock song. In a subplot, Loggins loses his car keys and has everyone in the studio helping him look. Comedian Drew Carey makes a cameo appearance.


Episode 10 – FM

Steely Dan and the Eagles settle a long-time, childish feud with a hit song.


Episode 11 – Footloose

Jimmy Buffett is convinced by Kevin Bacon and Gene Balboa to trick Loggins into making yet another movie song. He is subsequently kidnapped by Buffett and psychotic “Parrot Heads” and its up to McDonald and James Ingram to rescue him. Jason Lee makes a guest appearance as Bacon.


Episode 12 – Danger Zone

As the mid ’80s approach, McDonald feels that with the death of Yacht Rock, he has become the irrelevant joke he always feared he would become. Loggins, on the other hand, has grown to love doing movie soundtracks and his career is still in high gear. Extraterrestrial/composer Giorgio Moroder is sent to Earth to seek Loggins’ assistance in fighting a black hole that will destroy Moroder’s planet. Fearing for his friend’s life, McDonald tries to rescue him, and in the process, finds his relevancy. By the end of the episode the loose ends of the past 11 episodes are tied together, but left with a cliff hanger ending as to who murdered Koko.

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  1. Thanks for sharing it pal! I liked their style in promoting music.

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