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Yacht Rock – Every Episode, 1-12

Want to see how Christopher Cross, Toto, Hall and Oates, Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald and the entire smooth music family got along just to get along? Then look no further than this brilliant parody.

NB – The descriptions come from Wikipedia and contain plot spoilers

Episode 1 – What a Fool Believes

In the pilot episode, Kenny Loggins, under the guidance of Koko Goldstein, reaches out to a struggling Michael McDonald, who’s having trouble writing a smooth hit for his band the Doobie Brothers.

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Malcolm Tucker – a collection of the best, most foul-mouthed put downs ever

Malcolm Tucker: A Very Sweary Man

Christ on a bendy bus Malcolm Tucker, star of TV’s The Thick of It and Hollywood’s In The Loop,  is a swearing genius…

Warning contains the worst swearing you can imagine and then some. Fuckity Bye 🙂

In the Loop

The Thick of It

If you still have an appetite for put downs then we’ve collected 25 of the bestwarning, non-swearsome.

There’s also a nice debate and text archive of malcolm’s wisdom on the Guardian too.

The 6 Funniest Movie Trailer Mashups Ever

 6. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments  

A teen comedy 3000 years in the making…  


5. Brokeback To The Future

The touching story of a love that could never be.  


4. Scary Mary  

This may well fuck you up – for good!


3. Must Love Jaws


“Come down here and chum some of this shit!” Another touching story of a love that could never be.


2. Shining


Sometimes what we need most is just around the corner. Bless. 


1. Glen & Gary And Glen & Ross

Two thumbs up… way the fuck up 




Anyone got any more?

Quickest Gag Ever

What’s the fastest gag off the bat in all literature? My money goes on the first line of English Renaissance dramatist Ben Jonson’s classic comedy Volpone:

VOLPONE: Good morning to the day; and next, my gold!

Okay it doesn’t look great written down, but in a good performance it gets a laugh straight away, and paints an instant picture of a miserly man whose first thought on rising from his slumber is his personal wealth.

Can anyone beat that? It has to be either faster or funnier.