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Yacht Rock – Every Episode, 1-12

Want to see how Christopher Cross, Toto, Hall and Oates, Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald and the entire smooth music family got along just to get along? Then look no further than this brilliant parody.

NB – The descriptions come from Wikipedia and contain plot spoilers

Episode 1 – What a Fool Believes

In the pilot episode, Kenny Loggins, under the guidance of Koko Goldstein, reaches out to a struggling Michael McDonald, who’s having trouble writing a smooth hit for his band the Doobie Brothers.

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The Top Five Posts of 2010

Bye bye 2010 and hello 2011. These were the most popular Comedy Club posts of the year.

1   The 25 Best Put Downs Ever

2   14 Brilliant Pie Chart Gags

3   The Greatest Knock, Knock Joke In the World

4   The 60 Funniest Jokes Ever (and some of the worst)

5   Fun in the Snow

ENJOY! And A Happy New Year!

Malcolm Tucker – a collection of the best, most foul-mouthed put downs ever

Malcolm Tucker: A Very Sweary Man

Christ on a bendy bus Malcolm Tucker, star of TV’s The Thick of It and Hollywood’s In The Loop,  is a swearing genius…

Warning contains the worst swearing you can imagine and then some. Fuckity Bye 🙂

In the Loop

The Thick of It

If you still have an appetite for put downs then we’ve collected 25 of the bestwarning, non-swearsome.

There’s also a nice debate and text archive of malcolm’s wisdom on the Guardian too.

James Bond movie titles

So the new Bond film is to be called Quantum of Solace. What’s with that? This is not sticking to the rules of Bond movie titles. You take a well known phrase and substitute the word ‘die’: Live and let live, becomes ‘Live and Let Die‘. Live another day becomes ‘Die Another Day’.

But they moved the goalposts by turning tomorrow never comes into ‘Tomorrow Never Dies‘. What does ‘tomorrow never dies’ mean? Whatever, it gives us a license to thrill, as we can now take any phrase, insert the word ‘die’, and not worry too much about it making sense. How about these:

  • The Camera Cannot Die
  • Dying on Borrowed Time
  • Die Like a Fish
  • Easy as Die
  • Die Off the Handle
  • Hell or Die Water
  • Die Easy, Live Hard
  • He Who Can Does, He Who Cannot Dies
  • A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Die

I’m sure Comedy Club readers can come up with more.

The Simpsons: Best movie clip

Everyone knows that the secret of comedy is… (perfectly judged pause) …timing. The best recent example is this scene from the Simpsons Movie, where Homer challenges Bart to ride naked on his skateboard to get a Krusty Burger. Every moment of this is timed to perfection, from Homer’s childish taunts to Bart’s final humiliation. And the pacing is just superb.